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The National Association for Court Management will be holding its 2015 Annual Conference from July 12-16 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Researchers review Texas workload assessment

Jul. 6-8 | NCSC researchers are meeting with the Judicial Needs Assessment Committee in Austin, Texas, to review the overall study design for the Texas Child Protective Services Workload Assessment project and to discuss key decisions. 

Are you ready for some state court facts?

Did you know that 39 states have dedicated funds for technology? Discover more state court facts on State Court Organization.

Don’t make King John mad. Follow him on Twitter.

2015 is all about the Magna Carta -- follow King John to find out what irks him about the 800th anniversary of the Great Charter.

Nominations open for Munsterman Award

The Center for Jury Studies  is accepting nominations for the G. Thomas Munsterman Award for Jury Innovation. The award recognizes individuals or organizations that have made innovations in jury procedures or practices. Nominations are due August 15. 

Fly Delta to CTC 2015

Delta Airlines is offering a special discount for CTC 2015 attendees. Use Meeting Event Code NMLPR when reserving your plane ticket. Visit for more travel information.

Updated: 2015 Survey of Judicial Salaries

The most recent Survey of Judicial Salaries with salaries as of January 1, 2015 is available now. The survey reveals judges in 30 states received salary increases in 2014, with an average increase of 2.24%.

NACM hosting annual conference in Kentucky

The National Association for Court Management will be holding its 2015 Annual Conference from July 12-16 in Louisville, Kentucky.

NCSC Spring meeting to be held in Omaha

NCSC is hosting its summer board meeting July 23-25, 2015 in Omaha, Nebraska.

ICM offering managing court financial resources course

ICM's latest course, Managing Court Financial Resources, allows participants to develop an understanding of how to manage a court’s financial resources. The course will be held August 11-13, 2015, at NCSC headquarters in Williamsburg, Va.