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Bill Raftery gives more insight about election night in Gavel to Gavel's weekly countdown.


Gavel to Gavel is an e-newsletter, blog and database that tracks state-by-state legislative activity that relates to the courts, identifying legislative trends on court issues. Whether the issue involves changes to the court structures or alterations to the terms of the judges who serve, Gavel to Gavel has provided a reliable, national overview of legislation affecting the state courts since 2006.

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Alaska Senate State Affairs committee approves plan to give governor control over Judicial Council/merit selection
Yesterday the Alaska Senate State Affairs approved SJR 3, a constitutional amendment to give the governor control over the state’s Judicial Council which serves as both the merit selection commission and the judicial performance evaluation commission which issues its recommendations prior to retention elections. Presently the Council is made up of 7 members 3 lawyers […]

Kansas: legislators want to spell out impeachment threat against Supreme Court (and only the Supreme Court) possibly for K-12 funding decisions that “usurp” the legislature
The ongoing tensions between the Kansas judiciary and legislature over K-12 education funding is leading to some hint at impeachment for the court. SB 297 was filed yesterday in the Senate Judiciary Committee. While the Kansas constitution grants the power of impeachment for all state officials (Art. II, Sec. 27 & Art. III, Sec. 15), […]

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