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Bill Raftery gives more insight about election night in Gavel to Gavel's weekly countdown.


Gavel to Gavel is an e-newsletter, blog and database that tracks state-by-state legislative activity that relates to the courts, identifying legislative trends on court issues. Whether the issue involves changes to the court structures or alterations to the terms of the judges who serve, Gavel to Gavel has provided a reliable, national overview of legislation affecting the state courts since 2006.

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Bans on court use of sharia/international law: Enacted in Mississippi; activity in 6 other states; WV considered ban on court use of “karma”
2015 saw some 32 pieces of legislation introduced in 17 states to ban or limit the use by state courts of foreign or international law. Of these, Mississippi saw after 5+ years of trying the enactment of such a ban. HB 177 provides in operative part that A court, arbitrator, administrative agency or other adjudicative, […]

2015 Fastcase 50 Award Winner
I’m very honored to be chosen among the 2015 Fastcase 50 for my work here at Gavel to Gavel and I’d like to thank you readers and visitors for your continued support.

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