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Bill Raftery gives more insight about election night in Gavel to Gavel's weekly countdown.


Gavel to Gavel is an e-newsletter, blog and database that tracks state-by-state legislative activity that relates to the courts, identifying legislative trends on court issues. Whether the issue involves changes to the court structures or alterations to the terms of the judges who serve, Gavel to Gavel has provided a reliable, national overview of legislation affecting the state courts since 2006.

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Montana: hearing today on plan to force judges to recuse if their campaign receives $35 in contributions from party or attorney
I mentioned earlier in the month the plan, then called Draft Bill 1010 now HB 255 that would require judges who receive $35 in campaign contributions from a party or attorney to recuse from the case. A hearing has been scheduled for today on the bill. In addition to the interestingly low threshold of $35, […]

Indiana: bill would bring the total number of trial court types in the state back to 7
There’s a long¬† fascinating history to the way in which Indiana has organized and reorganized its trial courts, including courts that no longer exist (County Courts, Common Pleas, Quarter Sessions, Justice of the Peace) detailed in this 1997 article. The most recent iteration, the end of the state’s County Courts, occurred only recently. Still, with […]

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