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Gavel to Gavel is an e-newsletter, blog and database that tracks state-by-state legislative activity that relates to the courts, identifying legislative trends on court issues. Whether the issue involves changes to the court structures or alterations to the terms of the judges who serve, Gavel to Gavel has provided a reliable, national overview of legislation affecting the state courts since 2006.

Current top posts from our blog

New Jersey: Committee balks at raising mandatory retirement age for Supreme Court; approves plan to increase for all other judges
On Monday the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee approved two bills to increase the mandatory judicial retirement age in the state from 70 to 75 but with on major amendment: the increase would not apply to the Supreme Court. ACR 186 (constitutional amendment) and AB 3706 (statutory change) would raise the mandatory retirement ages for […]

Florida Amendment 3: State has history of limiting governor’s discretion on judicial picks
Florida’s Amendment 3 would allow for governors to prospectively appoint judges and justices of the appellate courts> The history of Florida’s appellate judicial selection shows a state, like many others, that has tried to gauge how to handle the power of appointment for governors. The state’s intermediate appellate court (District Courts of Appeal) did not […]

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