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2013 Blawg Top 100 Honoree

Gavel to Gavel is an e-newsletter, blog and database that tracks state-by-state legislative activity that relates to the courts, identifying legislative trends on court issues. Whether the issue involves changes to the court structures or alterations to the terms of the judges who serve, Gavel to Gavel has provided a reliable, national overview of legislation affecting the state courts since 2006.

Current top posts from our blog

Nevada Question 1: Who sets the jurisdiction of the court of appeals?
I mentioned previously that this is the fourth time Nevada voters will decide on whether to create an intermediate appellate court/court of appeals. The prior instances, however, differed from the 2014 version in a particular way. Question 7 of 1980 and Question 6 of 1992 both specified that the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals […]

Nevada Question 1: Why Nevada needs a constitutional amendment to get a court of appeals (and almost no other state does)
I noted in the data in this post that some intermediate appellate courts (IACs) derived their authority and existence from their state constitutions, while others rely on legislation alone. This boils down to a question of terminology in the state constitutions themselves. Thanks to what amounts to quirk in the text of the Nevada constitution, […]

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