State of Judiciary Addresses

A special section looks at topics highlighted in state of the judiciary messages and how interest in those issues has risen or fallen between 2010 and 2015.

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Court leaders necessarily analyze how their court is functioning because of their responsibility for budget justification, program implementation, or performance review. March’s online Trends article will suggest that court leaders need to embrace the skill and practices of a consultant and become an "internal consultant."

A list of monthly Trends articles for August 2013 through December 2015 are compiled here in a full PDF.

Trends in State Courts 2015
  • Increasing or Repealing Mandatory Judicial Retirement Ages There has been growing interest in increasing or repealing mandatory judicial retirement ages in the states. Voters, however, have not been keen on such measures. read more
  • View our Featured Article Archive Trends in State Courts features a monthly article covering an array of topics from copyrighting and video remote interpreting to veterans treatment court and evidence based management. View our archive to read the articles. read more

Leadership and technology are the central themes of Trends in State Courts 2015, an annual NCSC publication dedicated to making courts aware of key trends that affect not only court operations, but also society. Articles discuss numerous aspects of court leadership, such as judges and court administrators as "productive pairs," collaboration between stakeholders inside and outside of courts, and engagement of court staff. A special section looks at topics in state of the judiciary messages and how interest in them has risen or fallen between 2010 and 2015. Court technology topics include developing an online benchbook, using online portals to help self-represented litigants, and archiving records via the "cloud." Other articles examine how Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District became a "high-functioning court," accessibility and fairness in Nevada, and more.