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Pop-up courts are temporary courts created to administer justice expediently, before suspects and witnesses disappear. These courts are often found on-site at major sporting events or spring-break destinations. Next month’s Trends article explains why these courts are necessary and effective and what courts needs to consider before creating one.

A list of monthly Trends articles for August 2013 through December 2015 are compiled here in a full PDF.

Trends in State Courts 2015
  • Cellphones and Self-Represented Litigants The first edition of our newest publication series, Trends: Close Up, discusses the policy issues on allowing mobile devices into the courtrooms. read more
  • Body-Worn Cameras and the Current State of the Law Many law-enforcement officers use body-worn cameras to record their interactions with the public. These devices can be beneficial, but they also raise issues regarding the handling of evidence. read more
  • View our Featured Article Archive Trends in State Courts features a monthly article covering an array of topics from copyrighting and video remote interpreting to veterans treatment court and evidence based management. View our archive to read the articles. read more

NCSC has launched a new video series called "Court Buzz." These short videos explain hot topics in the court industry based on trends in information requests fielded by NCSC’s knowledge and information analysts. This first video presents the five most current topics in judicial education.