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Protecting confidentiality is critical in substance abuse treatment and child welfare. Next month’s Trends article will take a closer look at this important topic.

A list of monthly Trends articles for August 2013 through October 2016 are compiled here in a full PDF.

Trends in State Courts 2015
  • Courts Effectively Deliver Remote Self-Help Services Many self-represented litigants are unable to go to the courthouse in person to conduct routine business. Many courts are now providing remote services, which benefit both litigants and court staff. read more
  • Animals in the Court There are a variety of different scenarios that can bring animals to the courthouse. They may be accompanying a witness, a litigant, an attorney in a court case, or someone entering the court to file paperwork. read more
  • View our Featured Article Archive Trends in State Courts features a monthly article covering an array of topics from body worn cameras and pop-up courts to veterans treatment court and judge's retirement ages and the upcoming election. View our archive to read the articles. read more

NCSC has launched a new video series called "Court Buzz." These short videos explain hot topics in the court industry based on trends in information requests fielded by NCSC’s knowledge and information analysts.

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