It’s All About Teamwork: Creating Effective Civil Case Management Teams

Miami-Dade Case Management Manual


Civil Justice Reform: Making Motions Practice More Effective and Efficient



Trust the Process: Leveraging Business Process Review to Support Civil Justice Reform

Civil Justice Reform: Essential Pathway Rules and Procedures
Minnesota Judge Jerome Abrams highlights the mandatory pathway assignments and the key differences across pathways in terms of case management and the corresponding tailored approach to rules and procedures.



Webinar Power Point
Call to Action: Achieving Civil Justice For All
Call to Action: Achieving Civil Justice for All (Executive Summary)
Appendix C: The Pathway Approach: Draft Rules and Examples of Rules from Around the Country
Appendix D: Pilot Projects, Rule Changes, and Other Innovations in State Courts Around the Country
Appendix F: The Role of Proportionality in Reducing the Cost of Civil Litigation