Design and Image

Symbolism and functionality are both important in courthouse design. Societies have historically used architecture to express values and concepts about their place in the world. This is particularly evident in the organization and design of the courtroom.


Allen County Courthouse, Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • The design should fit the site and the setting and be compatible with the surrounding context.
  • The design should address the programmatic requirements in a way that clearly responds to and promotes the intended uses.
  • Building circulation should be clearly defined and reflect a hierarchy of spaces.
  • The image conveyed should reflect a sense of the importance of the judicial process and the values of the judicial system.
  • The quality of space should be expressed consistently through form and mass at all levels of detail.
  • Building technology and systems should be integrated with the overall design.
  • Space and materials should be used efficiently so that the project is cost effective.
  • The design should have the flexibility to change with the changing needs of the courts.