Trial Court Technology in Courthouses

Trial Court Technologies in Courthouses

In the 21st Century, the architectural design and planning of trial courthouses must include a detailed consideration of the technological systems that will assist and enhance the ongoing flow of court processes.  These systems must include both in-courtroom technologies (e.g. for evidence display, recording of court proceedings, and the judge’s bench zone) and broader systems that are located elsewhere within the courthouse (e.g. for digital communications, self-service kiosks, back-end infrastructure, and the server room).

Technology Systems and System Locations

Broadly, an analysis of these planned systems can be divided into two related topical reviews, concerning [1] the types of required technology systems, and [2] the locations of those physical system components within the courthouse.

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[1] Courthouse Technologies

[2] System Locations

  • Case Display (at building entrance / outside courtrooms)
  • Clerk’s Office
  • Gallery / Public Seating Area
  • Judge’s Bench Zone
  • Jury
  • Litigation Well