The colors and tones of walls and ceilings should promote a dignified, calm atmosphere in the courtroom.


Washington County, Arkansas Courtroom

Furniture and finishes should be comfortable, sturdy, durable, vandal-resistant, and easy to clean. Consideration should be given to the life-cycle cost of materials as well as the aesthetics.

Draperies or other window coverings should be used if the courtroom has windows. Floors and walls should be treated for sound control. Seats, benches, and chairs should be comfortable and easy to maintain. Space should be provided to display flags and state seals.

Courtroom-specific furnishings include:

  • Attorney Tables
  • Bailiff's Station
  • Court Clerk's Station
  • Court Reporter's Station
  • Judge's Bench
  • Jury Box
  • Spectator Seating
  • Witness Stand

Davenport, Iowa Courtroom