Attorney Lounge

In larger urban courthouses a lounge may be provided for use by attorneys while waiting for trials to begin or during recesses. The area can be used for group meetings, conferences with colleagues, making telephone calls, preparing for court, and for reading or writing. The benefit of an attorney lounge is that attorneys are more likely to remain in the courthouse between hearings or during recesses where they are readily available when needed in court. It also deters attorneys from waiting in clerical or other areas where they may interrupt the work of the court.

It should be entered through the public circulation zone.

The location of the attorney lounge is flexible, although consideration should be given to placing it near the courtrooms, as well as near the law library.

The attorney lounge should include areas for relaxation as well as for work.

The room should have natural lighting if possible and be well ventilated and air conditioned.

The lounge should be furnished with sofas and chairs as well as work tables and chairs.

The lounge should be accessible to persons with disabilities.

No special security is required.

The size of the attorney lounge may vary from 200 to 1,000 square feet, depending on the size of the courthouse and local bar association.

Telephone jacks should be installed. The lounge may be furnished by the local Bar Association. Equipment may include a fax machine, duplicating machines, computers, and printers.