Public Restrooms

Court facilities should include an adequate number of public restrooms. Because of the large number of people and the often long periods of waiting involved, restrooms will be frequently used. Proper signs for the restrooms are critical to cut down on numerous inquiries as to their location.

Male and female restrooms should be grouped together rather than located in different areas of the floor to make them easier to find. A single location also deters visitors from wandering through the building in search of the restroom. The largest bank of restrooms should be located on the main floor. Other toilet facilities should be located on the court floors near the public-waiting areas. Additional facilities may be provided on floors containing only office functions. Code requirements should be adhered to in the distribution of toilet facilities for the physically impaired.

For security and noise considerations, restrooms should not directly adjoin the courtrooms. Separate toilet facilities should be located in the private staff areas of the courthouse.