Building Management and Support

Larger courthouses require additional spaces dedicated to the operation and maintenance of the building. Spaces required include a private office for building administrative staff and support spaces such as storage and workrooms. Other spaces will include general building storage rooms, janitorial closets, electrical rooms and closets, telecommunications and computer equipment rooms, furniture and equipment storage areas, a receiving area, trash and recycle areas, and spaces for other similar functions. Other spaces and building functions include child care, elevators/escalators, first aid, lobby, mail room, public restrooms, and food service or vending areas.

  • Larger buildings will usually require an interior loading bay for the delivery of equipment and supplies and the removal of trash and recycled materials.
  • Parking space for service vehicles may be included as part of building support area. This parking should be within the building security perimeter and may be part of the interior loading bay.
  • The service entry and service elevator should be conveniently located to the receiving area/loading bay and accessible to the main court offices for the movement of supplies and materials.
  • All deliveries should be screened by security before being delivered to individual offices.
  • Ensure there is convenient access from the loading dock to the food service area, if one is provided. The movement of food supplies, equipment or waste through the public circulation system serving courtrooms and/or courtroom waiting areas is not acceptable.
  • The telephone/network equipment room and the computer server rooms are best located adjacent to one another.