High-Profile Case Team

Effective management of a high-profile case requires a broad base of skills and extensive preparation which can only be achieved by using a team of justice system professionals.  A judge working alone will not be able to manage all of the administrative requirements, while still having the time and focus to carry out the adjudicative functions which the case will demand.  However, a trial judge should always maintain overall control of the activities of the high-profile case team.

The judge should appoint high-profile team members with extensive expertise in court managementmedia relations, and court security. These three roles will be essential in all high-profile cases. However, it may be necessary or beneficial to additionally appoint members in other key trial-support functions such as jury operations, IT, court reporters and court interpreters.  Depending on the nature of the high profile case, the insights and efforts of these additional members may be very beneficial to the high-profile case team.

The judge should be actively involved in planning for the high-profile case, but once the details have been established, the actual implementation of the plans should be delegated to the membership of the high-profile case team.