Architectural Programming

An architectural program more specifically defines all the space components identified in the master plan. Using basic space planning standards, calculate the approximate square footage required for each functional space.

Architectural Program Calculation

Example: Clerk's office

  • 30 employees today / 70 employees in 20 years
  • 50 clerk workstations at 60 SF each
  • 16 workstations at 48 SF each
  • 3 supervisor offices at 150 SF each
  • 1 clerk office at 250 SF

Separate space calculations will need to be made for each of the following:

  • Counter space
  • Records storage space
  • Supply and equipment storage space
  • Restrooms
  • Break area
  • Conference rooms
  • Public waiting space
  • Evidence storage
  • Other space

Spaces for all major and minor components in the building, including building support elements, chambers, courtrooms, etc. are identified individually and assigned an area.

Planning considerations must also be addressed for each functional space: