2015 Warren E. Burger Award for Excellence in Court Administration Recipient

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Russell R. Brown III


Russell R. Brown III, court administrator of the Cleveland Municipal Court, has been named the 2015 recipient of the Warren E. Burger Award for excellence in court administration, one of the highest awards presented annually by the National Center for State Courts. Named for the late Chief Justice of the United States who helped found NCSC, the Warren E. Burger award honors a state court administrative official who demonstrates professional expertise, leadership, integrity, creativity, innovativeness, and sound judgment. “Russell Brown is an exceptional leader, possessing vision, knowledge, and determination to make a difference and improve justice. He has effectively led the Cleveland Municipal Court, introducing and implementing numerous innovative programs that improve lives,” says NCSC President Mary McQueen. Brown’s strong leadership skills have improved courts nationally, as well as in Ohio. Recently, Brown served on a national committee that has established best practices for municipal courts. As Cleveland Municipal Court administrator, Brown manages and administers a court system of 263 employees.