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September 29
Low-Cost Ways to Increase Court Appearances

September 27
E-Filing Domestic Violence Protection Orders: Safety, Accessibility and Effectiveness

September 22
Combating Disinformation: Today's disinformation threats

September 20
Court Space ReFORM: Addressing fundamental shifts in courthouse planning and design

September 19
Launch of the Court Backlog Reduction Simulator

September 15
How Michigan’s review of its jail population led to new laws on warrants and driver’s license suspensions 

September 12
My court’s been hacked - Now what? 

September 8
Backlog 101

September 1
The big picture - Why appearance rates matter

August 25
Designing housing courts for a changing climate

August 24
Document assembly and forms automation

August 17
Forms review & revision

August 17
Supporting and strengthening the structure of juvenile courts

August 16
Promoting court appearance with procedural fairness

August 10
User testing: If you love your forms, let them go

August 9
Residential placement and reentry

August 3
Probation supervision and case management

July 28
Alternatives to detention

July 27
Accommodating litigants with limited English proficiency, low literacy and people with disabilities

July 21
Diverting youth from the justice system

July  13
Forms Camp 2 - Using Plain Language Writing to Improve Court Forms 

July 8
The impact of the pandemic on youth development and policy trends in juvenile justice

June 29
Forms Camp Day 1: Using design to improve court forms

June 30
Jury selection beyond intentional racial bias

June 23
Hybrid hearing pilot sites

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