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September 21
AI and the Impact on the Practice of Law 

September 18
Hidden Bias of Good People: Implications for Court Personnel

August 16
The Promises and Perils of AI in the Courts: AI 101

July  28
Family-Centered Fridays: Making the Case for Case Coordination 

July 26
VRI School: Webinar on WebEx 

July 13
Expanding Diversity in Clerkship, Internship, and Externship Recruiting in State Courts: The Launch of CORA 

July 6
VRI School: Webinar on Zoom

June 30
Family-Centered Fridays: Creating User-Centered Courtrooms 

June 28
VRI School: Platform Agnostic 

June 20
Environment, Energy, and Natural Resource Disputes: The Use of Special Masters in Resolving Complex Litigation

June 12
Working Together: Why and How State Courts Should Collaborate with Tribes 

May 24
Guardianships: They Don't Have to Last Forever

May 19
Family-Centered Fridays: Improving Access to Justice with Plain Language 

May 17
Active Judging in Eviction Court

May 9
Continuing Upwards from the Summit Virtual Conference Day One

May 10
Continuing Upwards from the Summit Virtual Conference Day Two

April 28
Family-Centered Fridays: Community Collaboration

April 20
Mental Health Cases: Crisis and Opportunity for State and Local Trial Courts 

April 19
A Renewed Commitment to Civil Case Management: Lessons Learned from Texas’ Expedited Actions Rules

April 7
Blueprint for Racial Justice: Racial Disparities & Systemic Change: Putting Guiding Principles into Action

March 31
Family-Centered Fridays: User-Centered Court Culture

March 15
Gender-Inclusive Language for Courts

March 15
Eviction Diversion Initiative Informational Session 2

March 9
Jury Selection in a Post-Pandemic World: Navigating Operational Changes 

March 7
Jury Selection in a Post-Pandemic World A Discussion of Preliminary Survey Findings

February 23
Just Horizons: The Campaign to Build Future-Ready Courts

February 13
Eviction Diversion Initiative RFA Informational Session 1

January 25
Monitoring Guardianships & Conservatorships: A Guide for Courts and Clerks

January 18
Rural Justice and Remote Proceedings

January 9
Implementing a Plan - Backlog Reduction

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