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Tiny Chats are bite-sized annotated videos that touch on specific access to justice topics and court operations.

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Tiny Chat 134: Best Practices for Creating Legal Self-Help Materials

Self-help materials are important to help people without lawyers navigate the legal system. To maximize their reach, court forms and instructions, process maps, resource guides, and websites must be written in plain language, available in accessible formats, and translated into commonly spoken languages. The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) has a helpful report on best practices for creating legal self-help materials, and this Tiny Chat showcases both the subject matter and creative skill of NCSC’s own Grace Spulak, Lonni Summers, and Danielle Reier to share key takeaways.


Best Practices for Creating Legal Self-Help Materials

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Tiny Chat 133: Federal Funding - Use It or Lose It

Breaking news! Ace federal funding reporter Karen Lash joins NCSC's Tiny Chats News to break down how courts can use federal funds before it’s too late. Karen's case studies and reporting detail how to obligate funds, ideas for how to use those funds, and places courts can go to find more federal funding. If your court could use some extra money, you don't want to miss this special Tiny Chat Report.


SJI Funding Toolkit

Federal Funding Tiny Case Studies

Tiny Chat 3: Federal Pass-Through Funding

Yes, Virginia (and Other States), There Is Federal Funding for State and Local Civil Courts - NACM

Tiny Chat 132: Court Data for Partners

NCSC's Starship Tiny Chat has traveled the cosmos, and wouldn't you know it ran into Grace Spulak, who joins Danielle Hirsch and Zach Zarnow on board to discuss the new resources she wrote on how courts and federal agencies can share data. Learn about court data, how it can be useful for federal partners, and the best ways to share. Warp speed to better data sharing!


State Court Civil Justice Data Considerations for Federal and Local Partners

Tiny Chat 131: CTC 2023

NCSC's Court Technology Conference (CTC) is an exhilarating few days of panels, industry showcases, and lots and lots of great conversations. Can one Tiny Chat video recap possibly do it justice? No! Of course not, but this is the most fun you can have at CTC without actually going. Watch now.

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