Creative Learning Services

The Creative Learning Services (CLS) department designs and develops innovative e-learning courses for the benefit of the state courts community. Our approach to course design is centered around creating an interactive learning experience. Learners are actively engaged in the learning process using various technologies. The old standard of lecture-based video training has been replaced by more effective methods.

The learner is at the forefront of our approach. We employ techniques to engage and motivate learners while also working to promote retention and improve real-world application. Our courses incorporate frequent knowledge checks and assessments aligned to the learning objectives to encourage positive learner outcomes.


Our instructional design is informed by the science of learning, with an emphasis on learning objectives, mastery of key competencies, and assessments closely aligned to learning goals.


One of the best training techniques for engagement is to tell the learner a relevant and relatable story. The story provided can be complex scenario or a simple narrative depending on the content. Engaging the learner is imperative when creating interactive e-learning courses. Storytelling invites the learner to enter an immersive environment and participate through a shared experience.

Instructional Design Approach

Our instructional design approach organizes and breaks down learning content into small manageable segments. We provide ongoing reinforcement of critical learning points through review questions and activities that require participation from learners.

We also consider the learners prior knowledge and learning environment. Courses can be devised using a variety of techniques to appeal to various learners. Courses can incorporate personalized learning pathways, decision-tree models, and real-world scenarios with frequent interval testing and retrieval.

The ultimate goal for any course is learning transfer, when learners apply the knowledge from the training to the job or task that they are performing. We seek to develop courses where knowledge and skills are transferred and retained.

We encourage the use of metrics to provide useful insight on how well the course content was retained and transferred by learners. Additionally, we can assist in incorporating evaluations into e-learning courses to assist in future education planning.

By working with CLS to develop a learner-centered interactive e-learning course for your court or organization, you can expect increased user engagement, greater knowledge retention, and more importantly, learners performing their tasks more effectively.

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Considering CLS?

Are you currently planning for the development of an e-learning course and wondering if we may be of service? If so, we invite you to reach out and share with us the training needs of your court or organization.