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Our innovative approach to course design is based on a more effective delivery of online learning which users can immediately apply to their respective occupations. Part of this design focuses on content and content delivery, but it also concentrates on the structure of the content so that any topical area can be used as a “quick hit job aid” or as a subject refresher for users to revisit without having to review a course sequentially or in its entirety.

The big powerhouses in online learning – Khan Academy, EdX and Coursera – have shown data on student behavior which reveal that lectures and videos are the least important part in the learning process. Instead, interactivity, provided by frequent questions and assessments, an iterative learning process, and diagnostics hold the most power in online technologies and adaptive learning processes.

Evidence-Based Pedagogy

Instructional design is informed by the science of learning, with an emphasis on learning objectives, mastery of key competencies, and assessments closely aligned to learning goals.


Research shows that the best training tells the learner a story. The narrative can be a complex story or a simple scenario. Rather than abstract facts, the learner is engaged in the information because it is relatable and engaging. The learner’s brain actually reacts differently to reading descriptive, expressive language versus facts.

Instructional Design Approach

CLS’ approach to course design incorporates personalized learning pathways, decision-tree models of active learning, and real-world scenarios with frequent interval testing and retrieval.

Research shows that human brains can process four to five bits of information at a time, so our instructional design approach breaks learning into smaller, bite-sized segments, and delivers them more frequently. We will also design your course to provide ongoing reinforcement of critical learning points through spaced repetition (interval reinforcement) and repeated retrieval (testing), giving your learners enough time and exposure to imprint the knowledge more effectively.

This course delivery method personalizes learning so that every user learns what is needed for their job in a way best suited to the user’s learning style.

Studies show that many learners do not apply their learning to the job – either they’re not motivated, or don’t remember critical information. We develop training in such a way that knowledge and skills are transferred and retained. Metrics

CLS can incorporate evaluation into online course activities to assist in future education planning. These techniques have proven to increase user engagement and knowledge retention, but most importantly, our interactive delivery method helps you perform your job better.

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