Facilities planning

A functional and safe courthouse, equipped with the latest technology and equipment, is indispensable to the efficient operation of a court. Courts that have struggled to deal with constant court expansions and aging or unsatisfactory facilities need a reliable means of determining what resources will be needed in the future and what alternatives are available to secure those resources.

Court Consulting Services can help you design a long-term implementation plan or to lay out short-term enhancement alternatives through comprehensive strategic planning that integrates architecture, technology/security, court operations and procedures.

Our facility services include:

Architectural Programming

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Assessment of Court Security Systems, Procedures, and Training

Cost Assessment of Courthouse Improvements

Court System Needs Assessments

Facility Expansion / Relocation Feasibility Analyses

Facility Master Planning

Facility Standards Design & Review

Facility Technology Planning

Plans for Renovations or Additions

Space Plans for Court Facilities

Staffing Projections

Studies of Facility or Security

Design services provided:

  • As an independent consultant
  • Jointly with an architectural firm
  • As a facilitator between architect and the court

You may also browse our related services under Emergency preparedness & Court security, and find more in our Courthouse Retrospective series. 

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Courthouse Space Evaluation Program for Springfield, Missouri, 2017

Jail Facility Re-Use Study for the Polk County, Iowa Courts, 2017

Court Facility Needs Assessment for Winnebago County, Wisconsin, 2017


Master Plan Report for the Pinal County, Arizona Superior Courts, 2016

Judicial Workload Assessment for Gwinnett County, Georgia, 2016

Judicial Workload Assessment for the Indiana Courts, 2016

ADA Compliance Requirements Assessment for the Johnson County, Kansas Court, 2016

Court Consolidation Impact Study for the Twenty-Fifth District Court of Michigan, 2016

Organizational Review of the Operations and Facilities of the County Court in Douglas County, Nebraska (SJI Grant), 2016

Virtual Courthouse Technology Study (SJI Grant), 2016


Courthouse Space Estimate for the Michigan AOC, 2015

Renovation/Expansion Feasibility Study for the Benton County, Arkansas, Courthouse (Phase II), 2015

Court Facility Master Plan Report (with AIA) for Pinal County, Arizona, 2015


Renovation/Expansion Feasibility Study for the Benton County, Arkansas, Courthouse (subcontractor to Hight Jackson Associates), 2014

Courthouse Space Programming, Site Evaluation, and Building Schematic Design for the City of Springfield, Missouri (subcontractor to Esterly, Schneider & Associates, Inc.), 2014


E-Courtroom Assessment and Design Consulting Services for the Volusia County, Florida, Circuit Court (SJI Grant), 2013

Phase 2 Judicial Facility Master Plan Update for Polk County, Iowa (subcontractor to OPN Architects), 2013

Court Facility Planning for the Parish of Orleans, Louisiana, Civil District Court Justice Center, 2013

Security Design Consulting for the Cecil County, Maryland, Courthouse (subcontractor to Frederick Ward Associates, Inc.), 2013

Develop Conceptual Estimates of the Third Circuit Court Facility Space Requirements and Construction Cost Opinions for the State Court Administrative Office, Supreme Court of Michigan, 2013

Court Consolidation Study for Franklin Municipal Court, Lebanon Municipal Court, and Warren County Court, Ohio, 2013

Facility Design Consulting for Clackamas County, Oregon, Justice Court, 2013

Facility Master Planning Consulting for Albemarle County, Virginia (subcontractor to PSA-Dewberry Architects), 2013

Space Planning and Courthouse Operations Study for Halifax County, Virginia (subcontractor to CJMW Architecture), 2013

Courthouse Study for Waukesha County, Wisconsin (subcontractor to Zimmerman Architectural Studios), 2013


Judicial Facility Needs Assessment and Space Planning for the City of Scottsdale, Arizona, Municipal Court, 2012

Courtroom Analysis for Multnomah County, Oregon, Circuit Court (SJI Grant), 2012

Court Security and Technology Planning for the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community (subcontractor to Gould Evans), 2012


Phase II Conducting Architectural Peer Reviews and Consulting Services to Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona, for the Downtown Criminal Court Tower, 2011

Develop a Statewide Judicial Facilities Master Plan for the Hawaii Administrative Office of the Courts, 2011

Facility Consulting for the Kona, Hawaii, Judicial Site Selection (subcontractor to Group 70 International, Inc.), 2011

Facility Consulting for the City of Boise, Idaho, 2011

Phase 2 Judicial Facility Master Planning for Polk County, Iowa (subcontractor to OPN Architects), 2011

Courthouse Facility Consulting Services to the Twenty-first Judicial District, Livingston Parish, Louisiana (subcontractor to Grace & Hebert/Labarre Architects), 2011

Facility Feasibility Assessment Services for the Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, Louisiana, 2011

Police and Courts Consolidated Study for Lansing, Michigan (subcontractor to Capital Consultants), 2011

Space Programming for the Catawba County, North Carolina, Justice Center (subcontractor to Little Diversified Architectural Consulting), 2011

Facility Planning for Morrow County, Ohio, Board of County Commissioners, 2011

Police Headquarters and Court Complex Renovation Study for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (subcontractor to Architectural Design Group), 2011

Assistance with Strategic Planning and Facility Space Planning for Clackamas County, Oregon, Justice Court (SJI Grant), 2011


Court Facility Consulting for the Old Main Jail Adaptive Reuse Project for Polk County, Iowa Board of Supervisors (subcontractor to OPN Architects, Inc.), 2010

Facility Planning Consulting for Hancock County, Ohio Common Pleas Court, 2010

Preliminary Planning for Construction of a New Courthouse in Union County, Oregon (SJI Grant), 2010 


Design Review Consulting for the District Court Remodel at Anchorage, Alaska, 2009

Overview Assessment of Facilities, Records Management, and Information Technologies for Chatham County, Georgia, 2009

Court Facility Master Plan Review and Case Filing Projection Model for the Judiciary of Guam, 2009

Facility Utilization Study of the District Court for Polk County, Iowa, 2009

Review of Procedures for Court Facility Project Development for the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, 2009

Planning and Design Consultation Services to Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, 2009

Planning Consultation Services for the Cabarrus County, North Carolina Master Plan (subcontractor to Moseley Architects), 2009

Hall of Justice Facilities Planning Review for Forsyth County, North Carolina, 2009

Court Facility Master Planning for Franklin County, Pennsylvania, 2009

Space Utilization Study for Adams County, Pennsylvania (subcontractor to C.S. Davidson), 2009

Update of Master Plan for the Houston, Texas, Municipal Court (subcontractor to Gensler), 2009 


Program and Design Review for the Southwest Regional Justice Center for the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona (with Durrant Architecture), 2008

Consulting and Design Review for the Downtown Criminal Court Tower, Phase I for the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona, 2008

Courthouse Planning for Teton County, Idaho, 2008

Facility Needs Assessment for First Judicial District (Santa Fe), New Mexico Courthouse, 2008

Facility Review for the New Mexico Court of Appeals Facility, 2008

Court Planning for the Franklin County, Ohio, Court of Common Pleas (subcontractor to Pizzuti Solutions), 2008

Court Space Program Review for Hancock County, Ohio, 2008 


City of Houston, Texas Municipal Court Facility Master Plan (subcontractor to Gensler Architects), 2007

Court Space Planning for the Superior Court in Grant County, Washington, 2007

Facility Needs Review for the Tenth Judicial District Court, Sherburne County, Minnesota, 2007

Facility Planning and Construction Feasibility Assessment for the Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands, 2007

Facility Study for Grand County, Colorado, 2007

Long-Term Facility Requirement Projection for Lake County, Illinois Circuit Court, 2007

Mesa, Arizona Municipal Court Space and Technology Consulting, 2007

Mohave County, Arizona New Justice Center Needs Assessment, 2007

Programming Services for the Snohomish County Justice Center Master Plan, Everett, Washington (subcontractor to K M D Architects and Planners), 2007

Space Needs Assessment for the Pinal County, Arizona Superior Courthouse (with Durrant Architects), 2007

Update the Year 2001 Juvenile Court Facility Master Plan for the East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, 2007


County Facility Planning for Meade County, South Dakota, 2006

Facility Planning for the Consolidated 63rd District Court of Kent County, Michigan (with Post Associates Architects and Redstone Architects, Inc.), 2006

Facility Planning for Wilson County, 31st Judicial District, Fredonia, Kansas, 2006

Facility and Technology Programming Services for University of Nevada At Las Vegas Moot Court (with Rees Associates), 2006

Marion County, Oregon, Courthouse Disaster Recovery, 2006

Security Review and Facilities Assessment for Snohomish County (Everett) Washington (Three courthouses), 2006


Ashtabula County, Ohio, Court Facility Master Plan, 2005

Cole County, Missouri, Court Facility Planning, 2005

Overland Park (Kansas) Municipal Court Facility Security Renovation Planning Project, 2005


Collin County, Texas, Review Courthouse Design, 2004

Miami-Dade County, Florida, Juvenile Court Facilities Project (subcontractor to 2004 Carter Goble Associates), 2004