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Webinar: Criminal history exclusions and jury diversity


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In all but one U.S. jurisdiction, individuals with a prior felony conviction are restricted from serving as jurors.  In the vast majority of these jurisdictions, such exclusions are permanent, barring those with felonious criminal histories from ever taking part in jury service.  This panel will discuss those statutes and how such exclusions impact the composition of jury panels, deliberation quality, juror satisfaction, and the legitimacy of the jury as a representative body.  Panelists will detail empirical research in this area, as well as recent legislative reforms in California that restored juror eligibility to those with prior felony criminal convictions.


  • Prof. James Binnall, Associate Professor of Law, Criminology, and Criminal Justice, California State University Long Beach
  • Brendon Woods, Chief Public Defender Alameda County

Moderator: Judge Sharon Greer, Iowa Court of Appeals

This is the third of five webinars in the Toolbox for Understanding and Solving the Diverse Jury Problem Webinar Series. Join us for the following sessions later this month:

  • Implicit bias and juror decision making, June 17
  • Jury selection: Beyond intentional racial bias, June 30

This webinar series is presented by the Blueprint for Racial Justice Systemic Change Work Group.

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