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Webinar: Best Practices in Parenting Education and the Introduction of the "Families in Transition" Course


Parenting education programs hold undeniable promise for safeguarding children post-parental divorce and mitigating the challenges families face during significant life transitions. But how do we evaluate its impact? As Dr. Karey O’Hara of Arizona State University will explore, there remains an acute need for guidelines that courts can rely on to discern which initiatives truly champion children's well-being. This session seeks to shed light on this paramount concern, emphasizing the importance of robust evaluation techniques.

During this webinar, we will introduce the Families in Transition (FIT) course. Developed collaboratively by the National Center for State Courts and Maricopa Superior Court, this innovative online program exemplifies the transformative strides made in parental education.

Dr. Karey O’Hara of Arizona State University's study offers a comparative lens between the FIT program and the traditional in-person Parental Conflict Resolution (PCR) class.

Join us as we bridge the gap between innovative parenting education methods and their effective evaluation, ensuring that families receive the highest quality resources during challenging transitions.


  • Alicia Davis, Principal Court Management Consultant, National Center for State Courts


  • Dr. Karey O’Hara, assistant professor in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arizona State University

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