Events & Activities

Court AI Implementers’ Forum

To foster information sharing and collaboration, NCSC, JTC, and CITOC have launched a forum where AI coders, practitioners, and implementers can regularly meet to share AI-related court initiatives and learn about resources.

Participating Stakeholders

The forum will initially include court AI coders, practitioners, and implementers who are developing or have implemented AI-related solutions, and NCSC staff.  Academics and industry experts may be considered. The focus will be on AI-related solutions and experiments, but may also include policy, governance, and access related discussions.

Requirements to Join
  1. Members must be a county, state, or federal court employee; or a member of CITOC or JTC; NCSC staff; or be employed by another government organization or not-for-profit entity serving the court or justice community.
  2. Members must be willing to share projects that you are working on (or plan to work on) and actively contribute to the conversation.
Date, Frequency and Length of Meetings

Meetings take place the first Wednesday of every month.

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AI Learning Collaboratives

NCSC will be establishing collaborative learning opportunities. These may be in the form of webinars, summits, or part of established NCSC events. Announcements about upcoming learning events will be posted once details become available.