Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Consulting Services

It’s never too early to prepare for the unexpected. NCSC offers consulting services to meet your court’s specific needs.

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Our affordable IT Risk Assessment will inventory and review endpoints, software, patch management, configurations, and overall infrastructure. We will also review existing policy and planning, monitoring practices, awareness and training, data security systems, and maintenance practices.

The assessment includes a phishing test and internal vulnerability scan. Your court will receive a report that rates your level of risk using NIST categories: Identify (ID), Protect (PR), Detect (DE), Respond (RE), and Recover (RC). The report will also include recommendations for remediation.

Court sizeDescription Price range
Extra-Small Court Single Court location, less than 5 judicial officers, 50-75 internal users $9,000-10,750
Small Court Up to two court locations, 10-15 judicial officers, 100-150 internal users $15,250-17,750
Medium Court Up to ten court locations, 20-25 judicial officers, 200-250 users $29,000-33,500
Large Court Up to 60 court locations, 60-75 judicial officers, 300-375 internal users $41,750-49,000
Extra-large Court Over 60 court locations for a large, unified state court Custom based on needs

*Specific Engagements will require an additional round of scoping to determine complexity and final price.

- The number of vulnerability scans required will affect pricing and will be determined with additional scoping.

- Does not include scanning cloud-based resources.


- Assumes that most locations are on the same network and target devices can be reached with the minimum number of scans

- Assumes that Client IT departments are available to help with network topology and facilitating scans across WANs

Additional Service Offerings

Additional services are available and priced based on the goals and size of your organization.

  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Phishing or Ransomware Simulation
  • Incident Plan Review/Tabletop Exercises
  • Application Security Evaluation
  • Incident Plan Development Assistance
  • Endpoint Security Simulation or Evaluation

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