2022 webinars by date

December 14
What Courts Need to Know About Youth Suicide Prevention

December 13
Recipe for a Strong Court Workforce 

December 12
JTC Cyber Monday: Cybersecurity on a Shoestring Budget - Take a trek through the Critical Security Controls (CIS) Implementation Groups

November 30
Remote Hearings: Guiding Participant Expectation, Safety, and Privacy

November 14
JTC Cyber-Monday: What to Expect from the Industry, and What the Industry Expects from You

November 10
Reimagining Restitution for Youth: Updated Approaches

October  26
Evidentiary Considerations in Remote Proceedings

October 25
Examining Mental Health and the Courts: A Discussion with National Experts

October 19
Managing Out of a Surge: Dashboard Implementation Advice

October 18
The Importance of Language: How to Use Inclusive Communications to Advance Equity in the Administration of Justice

October 17
JTC Cyber-Monday - Communication and Managing Expectations During a Cyber-Attack

October 13
Remote Proceedings Policies

October 11
Measuring Access and Fairness in Remote Courts with the New CourTools Measure 1: Lessons Learned from Ohio

October 6
Disarming Disinformation - How Courts Can Respond

September 29
Low-Cost Ways to Increase Court Appearances

September 27
E-Filing Domestic Violence Protection Orders: Safety, Accessibility and Effectiveness

September 22
Combating Disinformation: Today's disinformation threats

September 20
Court Space ReFORM: Addressing fundamental shifts in courthouse planning and design

September 19
Launch of the Court Backlog Reduction Simulator

September 15
How Michigan’s review of its jail population led to new laws on warrants and driver’s license suspensions 

September 12
My court’s been hacked - Now what? 

September 8
Backlog 101

September 1
The big picture - Why appearance rates matter

August 25
Designing housing courts for a changing climate

August 24
Forms Camp 2022: Document assembly and forms automation

August 17
Forms Camp 2022: Forms review & revision

August 17
Supporting and strengthening the structure of juvenile courts

August 16
Promoting court appearance with procedural fairness

August 10
Forms Camp 22: User testing: If you love your forms, let them go

August 9
Residential placement and reentry

August 3
Probation supervision and case management

July 6
Forms Camp 2022: Using Design to Improve Court Forms

July 8
The impact of the pandemic on youth development and policy trends in juvenile justice (password required)

July 13
Forms Camp 2022: Using Plain Language Writing to Improve Court Forms

July 21
Diverting youth from the justice system

July 27
Accommodating litigants with limited English proficiency, low literacy and people with disabilities

July 28
Alternatives to detention

June 1
The path to a diverse jury panel

June 10
Criminal history exclusions and jury diversity

June 17
Implicit bias and juror decision-making

June 21
Judicial Guardianship Evaluation Toolkit – A new tool for judges

June 29
Forms Camp 2022: Using design to improve court forms

June 30
Jury selection - Beyond intentional racial bias

May 4
Knock, knock (NOT!). Who's there?

May 9
Fair Housing Overview for State Courts

May 12
What are we learning about remote hearings, part two - Guidance for post-pandemic remote hearings

May 23
What’s in your cyber COOP?

May 25
Jury diversity and its role in promoting confidence in the court system

April 6
Research on pretrial assessment, release and detention

April 13
Cost & fines - How a community conversation changed lives in the Ocean State

April 14
What are we learning about remote hearings?

April 20
Implementation challenges and opportunities roundtable

April 25
Webinar: Cyberinsurance – Should you pay the ransom?

April 27
Fair justice for all - Recommendations for imposing and enforcing financial sanctions

March 14
Failure-to-appear rates - Potential consequences, promising strategies

March 23
Pretrial historical and legal foundations

March 30
What is a family-centered justice approach?

February 17
Considerations leading up to remote hearings

February 24
Courageous conversations: Who? what? wow?

February 28
Tales from the cyber-frontlines: Lessons from lived experiences

January 20
Tips for conducting remote and hybrid hearings with self-represented litigants

January 5
Eviction Diversion Initiative: Informational Session 1