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Webinar: What’s in your cyber COOP?


Join us for the 4th webinar in the JTC Cyber Monday series.  This webinar series has already covered types of cyber-attacks, cyber security basics for courts, and cyber insurance options.  This webinar will discuss the importance of COOP, especially in relation to cyber security.

The term “continuity of operations planning (or plans)” or “COOP” has become commonplace in court leadership. Continuity of operations, or business continuity, is essentially disaster preparedness and recovery. Anticipating and being ready to respond to business interruption is increasingly important to courts as continuous operations and accessibility relate to public perceptions and access. Courts are also increasingly reliant on technology, which is susceptible to interruption. The typical court COOP, covering natural disasters, courthouse violence, utility interruptions, etc. are often lacking clear guidance on cyber security issues.  When you participate in the May 23rd webinar, you will learn from court subject matter experts how a cyber-COOP may be formulated, what type of policy implications impact the judicial branch and how the NACM Core addresses COOP.

Panel Members:

  • Karl Heckart, Chief Information Officer, Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Pamela Harris, State Court Administrator, Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Tracy "T.J." BeMent, District Court Administrator for the 10th Judicial Administrative District of Georgia

Moderator: Kevin J. Bowling, Co-Chair Joint Technology Committee

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