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Fred Cheesman

Fred L. Cheesman II, Ph.D. is a Principal Court Research Consultant with the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) with broad experience in program and policy evaluation and research.  Experience includes:

(1) evaluation of  a risk assessment instrument for low-level offenders in Virginia;

(2)  development of performance measures for Drug and DWI Courts in more than 20 states as well as measures for Mental Health Courts;

(3) Drug Court evaluations for the 9th Circuit of Missouri, and Ottawa County, Michigan as well as statewide evaluations in Virginia, Hawaii, and Wyoming,

(4) evaluations of community courts in Midtown Manhattan, Philadelphia, and Red Hook Brooklyn,

(5) development of strategic plan for Wisconsin to implement evidence-based practices in problem-solving courts and to provide Risk/Needs/Responsivity information to judges before sentencing,

(6) NIJ and OJJDP funded investigations of juvenile blended sentencing, and

(7)  a process evaluation of Veterans Courts in Pennsylvania. 

Dr. Cheesman prepared an introduction to program evaluation forDrug Court professionals that was committed to a widely-distributed DVD in 2010.  He also served as the Director of the “Research2Practice” project, a collaboration with BJA, NIJ, and American University to make Drug Court research more immediately accessible to practitioners.  Dr. Cheesman served on a committee that assisted the National Drug Court Institute to develop standards for Adult Drug courts and served in a similar capacity to develop standards for Juvenile Drug Courts.  He has published numerous articles in referred journals and has received grant funding from OJDP, SJI, BJS, BJA, and NIJ.


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