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Trends in State Courts 2021 highlights how courts have responded to important social issues.  These include the COVID pandemic, social justice, and cybersecurity.

  • NCSC's Anniversary: 50 Years and Trending
    National Center for State Courts

    The National Center for State Courts was fostered by the vision and determination of court leadership 50 years ago.  It will continue to work with courts at all levels to improve access to justice for all and protect the rule of law.
  • COVID-19, Zoom, and the Future of Appellate Oral Argument
    Hon. Pierre H. Bergeron

    With a background of declining oral arguments in appellate courts nationwide, most courts experimented with "Zoom" arguments during the pandemic. This technological innovation can provide broader access to justice, transparency, and training opportunities, and appellate courts should consider how to benefit from this medium even after the pandemic.
  • Using Court Data to Inform Pandemic Planning
    Nathan Jensen and Monica Allen

    Using data available to the courts is essential to planning for continuity of operations (COOP) during a pandemic.  Courts have an opportunity to lead by creating a data-driven approach to what has been described as a "crisis in slow motion."
  • Delivering Court Training Virtually
    Matthew Estes

    In addition to the practical challenges of taking in-person instruction virtual, court educators have encountered some resistance to the virtual classroom.  In this article, the process of diagnosing, alleviating, and evaluating resistance to virtual training will be discussed using data acquired by by the Court Leadership Institute of Arizona.
  • Improving Court Statistics by Exploring the Shape of Data
    Adam S. Cohen and Wesley Nakamoto

    Courts rely on data to make well-informed decisions, but the shape of that data can vary, dramatically changing their interpretation.  Distinguished bell-shaped curves from "power law" curves can improve statistics and assist judges and court administrators grappling with important questions in need of evidence-based answers.
  • Actionable Cybersecurity Risk Management
    Sajed Naseem and Ian Conklin

    Cyberattacks have become increasingly common in the public sector, including in courts.  Actionable cybersecurity risk management is increasingly relevant to courts due to the nexus between the global pandemic, a remote workforce, and increasing vulnerabilities in technology.
  • Usability and Court Dispute Resolution Platforms
    Lise Embley, Hon. Constandinos Himonas, and Stacy Butler

    Online dispute resolution (ODR) is becoming more common in U.S. courts and around the world, but is ODR usable and accessible to litigants?  The Utah Courts offer an example of how to measure the usability of ODR platforms.
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Download and save the complete edition of Trends 2021.

NOTE: Trends downloads most effectively in Google Chrome.