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2023 Annual Report focuses on how NCSC is inspiring future-ready courts

2023 Annual Report focuses on how NCSC is inspiring future-ready courts

April 24, 2024 -- NCSC is finding new ways to reimagine court administration. "Inspiring Future-Ready Courts: Annual Report 2023" demonstrates NCSC's commitment to preparing courts for social, economic, and technological influences that significantly impact the administration of justice.

An extension of an internal “Reimagining NCSC” effort, the work featured in the 2023 Annual Report showcases a culture of innovation that has inspired courts to proactively take steps to improve justice systems.

Court-driven initiatives

The 22 participating courts in NCSC’s Eviction Diversion Initiative are developing court-based eviction programs that connect landlords and tenants with stabilizing resources that can prevent or mitigate the harm of eviction.

Partnerships developed during NCSC’s Hybrid Hearings Improvement Initiative are helping courts like the 394th District Court in Brewster County, Texas, improve sound and audio quality in a historic, rural facility.

The Vermont Judiciary Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is in the midst of a multi-phased initiative designed to advance racial and social equity by broadly identifying disparities in the justice system, understanding causes, evaluating solutions and implementing changes.

With the help of NCSC, Wyoming is developing a more organized, centralized strategic direction for their state courts and judges to help strengthen the branch, both internally and externally.

NCSC hallmarks

To further assist court leaders, NCSC is offering a series of educational and training opportunities that include its well-established courses and certifications from the Institute for Court Management and new services, such as Executive Coaching. By convening a series of national focus groups to gain new insights into public trust and confidence, NCSC is expanding its efforts to identify messaging that resonates with the public.

Read Inspiring Future-Ready Courts: Annual Report 2023in its entirety to discover how NCSC is working with courts to bring to life a new vision statement: Together, we advance just, free, and safe communities.