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NCSC's Court Consulting Services provides technical assistance and consulting services to all levels of courts nationwide. Projects can include short reviews and assessments of administrative policies and procedures, long-term studies and evaluations with policy recommendations, and direct assistance in setting up or modifying programs and services. The Court Consulting Services also helps courts find external sources of technical assistance.

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Technology tools

Through its work with national and international courts, justice partners, and other NCSC divisions, the Technology Division identifies, synthesizes, models, and tests court technology and associated business process, data, design, and implementation alternatives that have potential applicability to the wider court community. The Technology Division has responsibility for analyses, recommendations, and support to the major national court technology advisory and policy bodies, including the Joint Technology Committee (JTC), the Chief Information Technology Officers’ Consortium (CITOC), the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA), the Forum on the Advancement of Court Technology ( FACT), and the National Association for Court Management (NACM.)

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Government Relations

The Government Relations Office supports policy development of the Conference of Chief Judges, the Conference of State Courts Administrators, the American Judges Association, the National Association for Court Management, and other national associations on national issues that affect State courts. The Office assists in advocating these policy positions to the Congress, the Federal Executives, and other national associations. The Office establishes communication mechanisms for sharing information. Finally, the Office acts as a liaison between state judicial leadership and the Federal courts.

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Public outreach tools

The NCSC Communications Office provides the nation’s courts a set of tools to help judges and court professionals educate their communities about the role of courts in society.

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