Access to Justice

About the team

NCSC’s access team provides technical assistance on a national, state-wide, and local scale with courts of all kinds.  This site features a representative sample of our work and we hope that it will be both a resource and source of ideas for your court.

To understand what we mean when we talk about "Access," read the following Manifesto.

We would be delighted to work with you. If you’d like to start scoping a problem, ask for advice, or simply want to learn more, you can schedule a consult here.

How to make the most of working with us:

  • Have a project goal in mind and make sure we scope deliverables to give you exactly what you need. Let’s do this together so everyone is on the same page.
  • If any data analysis is needed, please have data available by the project start date.
  • If any stakeholders are involved, please inform them of the project and of the project team so our emails are expected, and no one is wondering why random strangers are emailing them.
  • Be flexible and keep in touch! Life happens, circumstances change. We want to be useful and additive, not a source of stress. Stay in communication so we can navigate any challenges together.

[1] A definition we have lovingly stolen from Bob Glaves of the Chicago Bar Foundation.

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