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NCSC in the news

First-in-state court podcast humanizes judges

The show, called "Open Ninth: Conversations Beyond the Courtroom," posts every Monday morning  on the court's website. The first of its kind in the state, the podcast hosted by Lauten features personal stories from judges and interviews innovators in the legal field. It kicked off Aug. 15 as part of a communications plan put in place by the Florida Supreme Court that seeks to better connect with citizens. Courts nationwide are jumping on the social media bandwagon too. According to the National Center for State Courts, 16 high courts or their administrations use Facebook while 31 turn to Twitter. Lower trial courts in 28 states use some form of social media, the center found. Read the full story on the Orlando Sentinel. 

Opioid addiction tackled in first-ever regional summit

The Regional Judicial Opioid Initiative Opening Summit, initiated by the Supreme Court and the first of its kind, took place over three days last week in Cincinnati and brought together judges, criminal justice officers, public health experts, and addiction specialists from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, as well as the federal government. Read the full story on Court News Ohio.


News releases

Conference of State Court Administrators release policy paper calling for the end of “debtors’ prisons”

The Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA), the association of management executives that oversee judicial administration in the state courts, today released its 2016 policy paper recommending specific policies and practices that courts can adopt to minimize the negative impact of legal financial obligations and end so-called “debtors’ prisons,” while ensuring accountability for individuals who violate the law. Read the full press release.

Arkansas judges team up with PBS’s Tavis Smiley for "Listening Tour"

Judges are known to be expert listeners, but a new format will take their listening skills to a higher level when four Arkansas judicial leaders participate in the second installment of Courting Justice, a national “listening tour” being produced in cooperation with PBS broadcaster Tavis Smiley.  Read the full press release.