Behavioral Health Alerts

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2021 Newsletters

April 15Chief Justice Reiber Discusses the Task Force’s Work and Goals
April 1Convenings of National Organizations and Foundations for the National Judicial Task Force
March 15 Improving Case Processing and Outcomes for People with Behavioral Health Needs
March 1 Competence to Stand Trial
February 15 Behavioral Health and the Courts - Pandemic-Related Resources
February 1 Listening to the Field: Observations and Recommendations to Reduce Jail Populations During a Pandemic
January 15 The Crisis Care Continuum: Resources for Judges During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
January 4 National Judicial Task Force to Examine State Courts’ Response to Mental Illness

2020 Newsletters

December 15 Opioid Crisis: The State Court Perspective
December 1 New Criminal Justice Community of Practice Opportunity:  Building a Competent Crisis Care System at Intercepts 0-1
November 16 Are Courts Designed to Handle Mental Health Issues?
November 2 Illinois Supreme Court and Partners Seek Solutions To Mental Health Concerns in IDOC
October 15 The work of the National Judicial Task Force to Examine State Courts’ Response to Mental Illness is underway!
October 1 Illinois Virtual Summit - Session 1 Resources Available
September 15 Behavioral Health and the Courts
September 1 Peer Support Roles Across the Sequential Intercept Model
August 17 Supporting Vulnerable Populations: Civil Interventions and Diversion for Those with Mental Illness
August 3 State Courts’ Responsibility to Convene, Collaborate and Identify Individuals Across Systems
July 14 Addressing Court Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being Webinar
July 1 Co-Chairs Named to Lead Task Force on Improving State Court Responses to People with Mental Health Issues
June 15 National Judicial Task Force to Examine State Courts’ Response to Mental Illness Established
June 1 Washington District and Municipal Judges receive Virtual Training on Mental Illness
May 18 Corrections Checklist Helps Support Reentry during Pandemic
May 1 NCSC Offers “Virtual Doctor Is In” Sessions
April 16The Future is Now to Decriminalize Mental Illness
April 2Upcoming on PBS: The Definition of Insanity
March 23CCJ/COSCA Southern Region and New Mexico Summits are postponed due to COVID- 19
March 4Pima County (Tucson Arizona) Leading Change Workshop Focused on Crisis Resources and Diversion
February 10What do Court Leaders Need to Know About Medicaid Opportunities and Improving Outcomes?
January 21Mental Health Facts in Brief – New Educational Series available!