Jur-E Bulletin

2020 Newsletters

July 31Idaho Reduces # of Peremptory Strikes During Pandemic Emergency
July 24Attorney Boasts About His Chance to Be a Juror
July 17Murder Conviction Tossed Out Because Judge Substituted an Alternate Juror Without Proper Inquiries
June 26To Minimize Juror Trips to Court, New Mexico Establishes PreTrial Plea Deadline
June 19Whitewashing the Jury Box?
June 12NC Supreme Court Issues Major Decisions Regarding Capital Jury Trials
June 5No More Federal Jury Trials Until 2021?
May 29What Are Lawyers and Citizens Saying About the Re-Start of Jury Trials?
May 22 In Nation’s First Virtual Jury Trial, We Learn Some Things
May 15 Iowa Supreme Court Creates a “Jumpstart Jury Trials Task Force”
May 8 Ohio Judge Forges Ahead with Jury Trial Despite Evidence of COVID in the Courtroom
May 1 Legal Community Assesses Impact of Unanimous Jury Verdict Requirement in Ramos v. Louisiana
April 24 SCOTUS: Felony Jury Trials Require Unanimous Verdicts in All States
April 17Juror Fears About COVID-19 Cause Mistrial of Murder Case
April 10Can Speedy Trial Rights Be Respected During Pandemic Court Closures?
April 3Keeping Tabs on Statewide Jury Trial Suspensions
March 27Colorado Court Grapples with Holding a Homicide Jury Trial During the Pandemic
March 20Keeping Tabs on Jury Trial Cancellations Due to the Pandemic
March 13 Update on Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Jury Trials
March 6 Are you ready for COVID-19 in your jury pool?
February 28Screen Writer Discloses the Movie “The Holdout” Is Based Upon his Ever-Haunting Juror Experience
February 21Could Discussion of Race in Open Court Reduce Reliance on Stereotypes?
February 14How Courts Take Care of Jurors in High Profile Cases – Some Federal Judges’ Perspectives
February 7Jury Diversity—Massachusetts High Court Approves Service by Blind Jurors
January 31*New* NCSC video: Answering the call for jury service
January 24Alaska Starts Summoning Jurors by Email
January 17Special Interest Group in New York State Urges Jury Nullification in Gun Prosecutions
January 10Connecticut Initiates Study of Racial Discrimination During Jury Selection
January 3The New Year Opens with Opportunities for Ex-felons to Serve on California Juries