Jur-E Bulletin

2016 Newsletters

July 8 ABA Resolution; Detecting Lies in Veiled Witnesses; Failing at Jury Service?
July 1 G. Thomas Munsterman Award; Public Outreach in Massachusetts; Internet Hoax
June 24 The Eligibility of Deaf Jurors in Australia; Pennsylvania Juror Faints During a Sexual Assault Trial
June 17 Dekalb County, GA Juror Orientation Video; Tulsa County, OK Halts Jury Trials
June 3 Debit Card Problem for Juror Payments; Why the Racial Composition of Juries Matters
May 27 Foster v. Chatman; Decision Trees; Juror Removes Instruction from Deliberations Room
May 20 Test Jury; Juror Pay Donation Proposal; Odd Letters
May 13 Destruction of Juror Questionnaires; Debit Card for Jurors Payments
May 6 Bowman v. Nevada; The Quiz; Parking Scandal
April 29 Apr 29
April 22 Jury Management System Upgrade in Oregon*; The Jury System in Argentina
April 15 Calling All Sikhs; Stealth Juror in the Peter Liang Case; Voir Google
April 8 Miguel Angel Pena Rodriguez v. Colorado; Better Jury Instructions; Nullification Opinion Piece
April 1 Criminalization Of Juror Misconduct; Chief Justice Summoned for Jury Service; Judge Offers Attorneys a Choice
March 11 CourtHack; Ohio Jury Conference; Tarango v. Nevada
March 4 U.S. Marshals Warn Public of Jury Duty Phone Scams; Batson Remedy case
February 26 Bill to Remove Jury Exemption for U.S. Congress Members; Juror Statements at Sentencing
February 19 Partially Sighted British Juror Removed from Jury; Apply the Framework of a Jury Trial to a Dinner Decision
February 12 Spanish Language Jury Instructions; Juror Information Used in Judicial Campaign
February 5 Commonwealth v. Penn; Massachusetts Eyewitness ID Instruction
January 29 Social Media Jury Instructions Report; NJ’s Eyewitness Identification Jury Instructions
January 22 Busted: Indictments in Massive Jury Service Scam Issued; Former Juror May Be Charged with Perjury
January 15 Judith S. Kaye Remembrance; People v. Fernandez; Juror Stress Article
January 8 Grayson County Goes High Tech; A Fresh Look at Jurors Questioning Witnesses