Jur-E Bulletin

2017 Newsletters

November 17 New Jury Orientation Video; Accidents Happen; Juror Stress/Financial Impact Study
November 3 Protective Order Limiting How Media May Use Juror Information; Obama Summoned for Jury Service
October 20 Nursing Mother Effectively Excluded from Jury Service + Luxury Portable Bathrooms
October 13 Council for Court Excellence Receives 2017 G. Thomas Munsterman Award
October 6 A Comparison of Evidence Based Medicine and the Criminal Justice System
September 29 Houston’s Jury Assembly Room Destroyed + Study to Examine “Not Proven” Verdicts
September 22 The Evil Eye; Juror Orientation Video Request; Corporate Attempts to Influence Jury Panels
September 15 Silence as Evidence of Juror Rehabilitation; Juror Questionnaire in Benghazi Trial
September 1 A Comparative Analysis of Seemingly Race Neutral Use of Peremptory Challenges; Jurors with Disabilities in Canada
August 25 Expert Juror Case; Question: FTA Rates in Large Cities; Juror Pay in Canada
August 18 Another Juror Rehabilitation Case; Voir Dire in the Martin Shkreli Case
August 11 Rehabilitation Case; Juror Questionnaire in the Taylor Swift Case
August 4 Michigan Reflects on Its 2012 G. Thomas Munsterman Award; Supreme Court of State of Washington Strengthens Batson
July 28 State of Iowa v. Kevin Plain, Sr.; ; Jurors’ Predjudices and Confusion
July 14 Did a Juror Lie in Voir Dire?; Making Jury Pools More Inclusive
July 7 Effective Juror Orientation; Corporate Irresponsibility at Its Worst; July is Juror Appreciation Month Statewide in NC
June 30 People v. Spencer; Text Reminders for Jurors; The Jury Sunshine Project
June 23 Understanding the Effects of Unconscious Bias; Be Careful with Electronic Devices
June 16 The Consequences of Juror Sequestration + Technology for Jurors to Review Digital Evidence
June 9 FIJA Volunteer Convicted; Nominations for the 2017 G. Thomas Munsterman Award Are Being Accepted Now
June 2 Tsarnaev Jury Management and Transportation Order; Jury Bill in Illinois; An Excellent Vanishing Trial Article
May 26 Ongoing Battle Regarding Jury Nullification Communication near Denver Courthouse; Jurors Provide Advice
May 19 An Extraordinary Verdict Form; Amusing "Research"; How Much Can the Foreperson Sway a Verdict?
May 12 Federal Courts Using Technology to Improve the Juror Experience; Help: Practical Experience with Juror Sequestration
May 5 US Courts Celebrate Juror Appreciation Week; Brief Survey; Poor Time Estimation Forces Mistrial
April 21 ess Release: New website offers resources for high-profile trials; Explaining Juror Sequestration
April 14 Juror Utilization Article; Permanent Exemptions for People with Qualifying Disabilities
April 7 Informed Delivery; Mutiny During Jury Service; You the Jury