Jur-E Bulletin

2014 Newsletters

August 8 Documentary Chronicles a Notorious Trial; Jurors and Social Media Video; Comparative Jury Practices Article
August 1 Poster: Juror Responsibilities Regarding the Internet and Social Media; Test Jury
July 25 2014 National Symposium on the American Jury Project: Assuring Fair and Impartial Juries
July 18 Citizen Presentments to Grand Juries; Munsterman Nominations Under Way
July 11 Trends in State Courts 2014; Juror Employment Termination Civil Action; Attorney Generals from Five Nations Meet
June 27 A baker's dozen doesn't require reversal; Dallas judges seek funding to handle Scofflaw jurors; Jury System comments by CJ Rabner
June 20 Proposed National Standard for Jury Management System Requirements; Dissuading Jurors from Inappropriate Use of the Internet/Social Media
June 13 Nominations Open for Munsterman Award; Waiver Requirements for a Felony Bench Trial
June 6 Top 10 Verdicts in Arizona in 2013; Evaluation of the Japanese Jury System; Florida Juror Scheduled for Contempt Hearing
May 30 Jury Costs in Two Wisconsin Counties; Update: State of the States Survey of Jury Improvement Efforts; The Jury As Constitutional Identity
May 23 Update: State of the States Survey of Jury Improvement Efforts; Juror Pay Fiscal Problem in New Mexico; Public Outreach on Jurors and Social Media
May 9 United States v. Juan Agudin Salazar; Harris County (TX) Grand Jurors Exposed to Shooting Simulator; Student Written Jurors and Social Media Paper
May 2 Tell Us about Your Most Recent Jury Trial; Morris Publishing Group v. State of Florida; Judicial Education Opportunity
April 25 Louisiana’s Non-Unanimous Criminal Verdicts; Ex parte Larry Dunaway; Kirpans and Jury Service
April 18 Attorney Jailed for Comments Relating to Jury Service; Paula Hannaford-Agor Recieves 2014 OJMA Award; Alternate Jurors Participating in Deliberations
April 4 Defendant Cures Reversible Error in Voir Dire; Alternate Jurors Participating in Deliberations; Contract and Business Jury Instructions in Florida