International Reports


Briefing Paper: Imprisonment of Fine Defaulters, Prepared by the Law Society of Western Australia, April 2019.


New Zealand help with paying fines


Cultural Awareness Training for Bail Justices. Mandate Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training for all Bail Justices.


Jail or bail? We can learn from the USA. A look at the U.S.'s use of the De Bug system to reduce the pretrial remand rate.


Police forces across the UK are offering drug users pre-arrest education and treatment instead of a caution or charge. People caught in possession of personal amounts of controlled substances in a number of police areas are being directed towards treatment and education services through “diversion schemes,” rather than facing prosecution.


This brochure by de Rechtspraak, the Dutch Judicial System, provides information about what to expect if you have been arrested for a criminal offense.


Massive reduction in the jailing of fine defaulters welcomed


Quebec proposes justice reforms to keep vulnerable people out of the courts


Tens of thousands raised to free Aboriginal women jailed for unpaid fines. Campaign aims to raise $100,000 to clear warrants of commitment and pressure WA government to change law. 


SCC sets out automatic review of pretrial detention. Delivered on March 28, R. v. Myers clarified s. 525 of the Criminal Code, which calls for a judicial hearing 30 days after the last detention order of someone accused of a summary offence and 90 days for those accused of an indictable offence.


First Nations plan how to reform B.C. justice system and revitalize Indigenous laws


Transforming Canada's criminal justice system: Message from the Minister


Australia is building community alternatives to prisons — they work by Apolitical


Spencer D. Li & Tzu-Hsuan Liu (2019) Problem-Solving Courts in China: Background, Development, and Current Status, Victims & Offenders, 14:3, 360-374, DOI: 10.1080/15564886.2019.1595246


Explaining the Failure of Drug Courts in the United Kingdom by John Collins.


Problem-Solving Courts in Australia: A Review of Problems and Solutions, by Lacey Schaefer and Mary Beriman


Sapouna, Maria, et al., (2015) What Works to Reduce Reoffending: A Summary of the Evidence, Justice Analytical Services Scottish Government. 


United Kingdom - Catherine Heard (2015) Community Sentences Since 2000: How They Work – and Why They Have Not Cut Prisoner Numbers.


Mair, George and Mills, Helen (2009) The Community Order and the Suspended Sentence Order Three Years On: The Views and Experiences of Probation Officers and Offenders, Center for Crime and Justice Studies.


Minister Fitzgerald commences Fines (Payment and Recovery) Act 2014 The aim of the Fines (Payment and Recovery) Act 2014 is to seek to effectively eliminate, in so far as is possible, the option of imprisonment as a sanction for fine default. See the complete Act.