2023 webinars by date

December 19
What's New with Virtual Child Welfare Hearings 

December 15
Family-Centered Fridays: A Year in Review 

December 11
Mental Health Diversion: Lessons from the Field 

December 8
Nonlawyer Navigators in State Courts: Voices from the Field

December 4
Ensuring Access to Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD): Court Considerations

November 17
Self-Help for Self-Help Centers: Not your average self-help center 

November 17
Family-Centered Fridays: Alternative Court Hours and Access for Families

November 3
Self-Help for Self-Help Centers: Level up

October 27
Family-Centered Fridays: The Case for Using Universal Practices to Center Families 

October 26
Answering the Call - Celebrating a Decade Advancing Language Access in State Courts

October 20
Self-Help for Self-Help Centers: The Fundamentals 

October 18
Impact of AI in the Courts 

September 28
Best Practices in Parenting Education and the Introduction of the "Families in Transition " Course

September 27
Finding the Right Fit - Supported Decision-Making as a Less Restrictive Option 

September 22
Family-Centered Fridays: Back to School - How Courts & Schools Can Collaborate

September 21
AI and the Impact on the Practice of Law 

August 16
The Promises and Perils of AI in the Courts: AI 101

July  28
Family-Centered Fridays: Making the Case for Case Coordination 

July 26
VRI School: Webinar on WebEx 

July 13
Expanding Diversity in Clerkship, Internship, and Externship Recruiting in State Courts: The Launch of CORA 

July 6
VRI School: Webinar on Zoom

June 30
Family-Centered Fridays: Creating User-Centered Courtrooms 

June 28
VRI School: Platform Agnostic 

June 20
Environment, Energy, and Natural Resource Disputes: The Use of Special Masters in Resolving Complex Litigation

June 12
Working Together: Why and How State Courts Should Collaborate with Tribes