National Reports

See also the State Fines, Fees and Bail Practices Interactive Map for all state reports.
     Suspended Driver Alternative Reinstatement Working Group (2018) Reducing Suspended Drivers and Alternative Reinstatement, Best Practices 

  Multi-State Collaborative (2018) Enforcing Inequality: Balancing Budgets on the Backs of the PoorCalifornia Reinvestment Coalition, Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, Reinvestment Partners, and Woodstock Institute.

ABA Ten Guidelines on Court Fines and Fees The ABA adopted the Ten Guidelines in August of 2018.

    Yale Law School's Liman Public Interest Colloquium (2018) Who Pays? Fines, Fees Bail and the Cost of Courts.
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    National Juvenile Defender Center (2017) The Cost of Juvenile Probation: A Critical Look into Juvenile Supervision Fees.
    Pretrial Justice Institute (November 2017) The State of Pretrial Justice in America.
    Legal Aid Justice Center (September 2017) Driven By Dollars: A State-By-State Analysis of Driver's License Suspension Laws for Failure to Pay Court Debt.
    Law Enforcement Leaders To reduce Crime & Incarceration (September 2017) Letter of Support for the Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act of 2017.
    U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (September 2017) Targeted Fines and Fees against Communities of Color: Civil Rights and Constitutional Implications.
    ABA (August 2017) Criminal Justice Section Report to the House of Delegates, Resolution 112C.
    Governing (August 2017) Special Report: How Autonomous Vehicles Could Constrain City Budgets.
  Michael W. Sances, and Hye Young You (May 2017) Who Pays for Government? Descriptive Representation and Exploitative Revenue Sources.
  Prison Policy Institute (May 2017) Era of Mass Expansion: Why State Officials Should Fight Jail Growth.
  Color of Change and ACLU's Campaign for Smart Justice (May 2017) Selling Off Our Freedom: How Insurance Corporations Have Taken Over Our Bail System

Alexes Harris, et. al. (April 2017) Monetary Sanctions in the Criminal Justice System Laura and John Arnold Foundation.


U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Briefing: Targeted Fines and Fees against Low-Income People of Color (March 2017). Briefing materials can found on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights website.


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American Bar Association Commission on the Future of Legal Services (2016) Report on the Future of Legal Services Recommendation 9.2 9.2. Administrative fines and fees should be adjusted to avoid a disproportionate impact on the poor and to avoid incarceration due to nonpayment of fines and fees.


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