Leadership & Governance

December 2023

Citizens on Call: Responding to the Needs of 21st Century Jurors

This policy paper from the Conference of State Court Administrators reinforces the importance of jury service by issuing a call to action and urging courts to improve the treatment of jurors.

April 2023

Racial Disparities and Systemic Change: Putting Guiding Principles Into Action

In this session, court leaders discuss how they have successfully adopted racial justice initiatives that illustrate the Systemic Change Guiding Principles. These principles can be used by courts as a lens to consider potential reforms aimed at promoting racial justice in activities, such as evaluation of potential areas to address, policy reform proposals, or equity impact analyses on proposed rules changes or legislation.

November 2022

Systemic Change Action Plan

This action plan outlines a set of priorities for the NCSC Blueprint for Racial Justice. These priorities will shape funding requests and planning for the Blueprint over the next few years and will assist courts with developing and implementing their own racial equity initiatives.

July 2022

Systemic Change Guiding Principles

These seven guiding principles are designed to assist courts with examining the root causes of disparities and seeking reforms at the system level. The principles can be used to evaluate potential areas to address, propose policy reforms or conduct analyses on proposed rule changes or legislation.

PIO Hotline

Proper management of communications about court activities related to racial justice, equity, and inclusion plays a critical role in maintaining public trust and confidence. To assist courts with public information and communication, the Blueprint for Racial Justice has developed a PIO Hotline. The “hotline” is a resource for courts requiring both routine and rapid response assistance with crisis communications, media relations, community outreach and more.

This committee of experienced communications professionals includes members of the Conference of Court Public Information Officers and Florida Court Public Information Officers.

To request assistance or for more information, contact PIOHotline@ncsc.org.

Conference of Chief Justices/Conference of State Court Administrators Resolution 1: In Support of Racial Equality and Justice for All

This resolution calls for state courts to “intensify existing efforts” to improve racial equity within the justice system and to examine what change is needed to make equality under the law a reality for everyone. In the resolution, CCJ/COSCA "recognize that too many persons, especially persons of color, lack confidence in the fairness of courts and the criminal justice system."