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From a quick phone or e-mail referral to the right information, to a complete research-to-implementation support, the National Center for State Courts can help you solve problems.

From state supreme courts to local traffic courts, NCSC project teams of staff and private consultants can provide the hands-on technical assistance and contract consulting services that meets the needs of individual courts.

Projects can include short reviews and assessments of administrative policies and procedures, long-term studies and evaluations with policy recommendations, and direct assistance in setting up or modifying programs and services. Court Consulting Services also helps courts find external sources of technical assistance.

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In the navigation bar to the left you'll see our main areas of research and expertise. Those topic pages summarize the work we do in those areas and provide a list of past projects NCSC consulting teams have helped realize in state courts around the nation.

In the right rail on each topic page, you'll find a range of NCSC resources on tap to help answer your questions about the subject, such as:

  • Our experts recommend will link you to the highest-value online research and publications on the topic;
  • Contact an expert lists our in-house authorities on the topic and puts you in touch with them via e-mail;
  • Where available for some topics, the right rail will offer you ways to Mark your calendar for upcoming events related to the topic, Subscribe to updates (usually via e-newsletter) on the topic; and find Measurement tools to help you assess performance standards for the topic.