The National Call to Action Publication & 9 Action Steps

Following the Summit, in July 2013, NCSC, with SJI support, published a report, A National Call to Action: Access to Justice for Limited English Proficient Litigants, Creating Solutions to Language Barriers in State Court. The report presented a comprehensive overview of the pre-summit assessment results and data.  It also reported on the Summit and highlights of the state action plans and activities.  Finally, the report released a set of Action Steps that were derived from the Summit and the assessment.  The Call to Action was not simply a report, it provided a roadmap for jurisdictions to improve their LEP services through the following 9 Action Steps.   

Step 1:  Identifying the Need for Language Assistance

Establish data collection and analysis procedures to assist with the identification of need for language assistance at all points of contact.

Step 2:  Establishing and Maintaining Oversight

Establish oversight over language access programs through the development of a state or district language access plan, creation of an oversight body, and/or creation of a language access coordinator position.

Step 3:  Implementing Monitoring Procedures

Implement procedures for monitoring and evaluating language assistance services.

Step 4:  Training and Educating Court Staff and Stakeholders

Establish programs to train courts, justice partners, and stakeholders on language access services, requirements, and mandates.

Step 5:  Training and Certifying Interpreters

Develop procedures to enhance the availability of qualified interpreters and bilingual specialists through recruitment, training, credentialing, and utilization efforts. 

Step 6:  Enhancing Collaboration and Information Sharing

Establish procedures to enhance the sharing of information and resources on national and regional levels.

Step 7:  Utilizing Remote Interpreting Technology

Utilize Remote Interpreting Technology to fulfill LEP needs and ensure quality services.

Step 8:  Ensuring Compliance with Legal Requirements

Amend procedural rules to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Step 9:  Exploring Strategies to Obtain Funding

Develop and implement strategies to secure short-term and long-term funding for language access services.

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