Responses to the Call to Action

Following the Summit and the subsequent Call to Action, there was an immediate and concerted effort at the national level. The CCJ, COSCA, SJI, and NCSC demonstrated their commitment to assisting states to improve the administration of language access services through decisive and prompt responses and actions.

In response to the National Call to Action and the national dialogue surrounding the Summit, SJI increased its commitment to supporting language access issues across the nation; CCJ/COSCA established the Language Access Advisory Committee (LAAC); and NCSC created the Language Access Services Section (LASS) and expanded programming for language access.

This national level of support and commitment has generated awareness of the need for language services and also has led to concrete improvements in many jurisdictions. Section A details the reaction of national organizations to the Summit and Call to Action and the action they took to commence their initiative of support to address states’ needs in improving LEP services. Section B provides a summary of the significant SJI funding provided to jurisdictions over the past 10 years that has resulted in concrete and effective improvements. Section C details NCSC’s commitment to improving language access through its programs and state support. Section D lists by state the innovative programs and initiatives that jurisdictions have successfully implemented over the last 5 years with the support of these national organizations.

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