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Social Media Index Welcome to the Social Media and the Courts Network. This site compiles information on how courts are currently using social media and provides resources for courts just getting started. We also provide information on the impact of social media on the courts, including the impact on juries, judicial ethics issues, and HR and policy issues.

Social Media Tip of the Month

When it comes to posting on social media, grammar matters.


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A Guide to Official Court Use of Social Media

I. The Current Landscape

A. Just how many state court Administrative Offices and courts of last resort are using social media? And what about trial courts? NCSC tracks this information and the data and links can be accessed above.

B.The Conference of Court Public Information Officers (CCPIO) conducts an annual new media and the courts survey and the reports include data on
(1) how court professionals and judges use social media personally and professionally, and
(2) how courts as insitutions are using social media.

II. Communications Planning and Strategy

A. What are the pros and cons of establishing an official court social media presence?

B. What are the court's communication goals?

C. What types of content should be posted?

D. Which social media platforms should the court use?

E. Will social media be used for two-way communication?

F. What type of content should be posted?

G. How frequently should content be posted?

III. Governance and Management

A. Develop an official use policy

B. What training is necessary?


Social Media 101 Guide
The Social Media 101 guide shows you how to set up and manage your accounts.

Connected Newsletter 
is a monthly e-newsletter about social media and the courts.

HR Issues and Policies 
HR Issues and Policies
covers the social media policies courts have adopted.

*Updated November 18, 2014*

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