Faculty & Partner Resources

ICM is grateful to those who serve as ICM Certified Faculty, whether for ICM-offered courses or those offered by Consortium and Licensee Partners. With your help, ICM can reach court managers around the United States and beyond. We’ve compiled several Faculty Resources for you and hope this will be a convenient way to keep up with faculty requirements and updates.  We are also starting Slack channels for each ICM course so that faculty may connect and share ideas, similarly to the Connected Community.

Who can serve as ICM Faculty?

ICM Consortium and Licensee Partners select candidates to serve as faculty, based on their work experience, educational background and expertise as a presenter.  Periodically, ICM invites similarly qualified candidates to serve as faculty for in-person and virtual courses offered by ICM.

First, for faculty candidates, a guide to the certification process:

Certification Process

For those already certified, here are several documents:

ICM Faculty Requirements: includes ICM Course Certification Requirements, detailing responsibilities for ICM Faculty and Partners, and ICM Professional Faculty Requirements.

ICM Faculty Expectations for Virtual National Programs: Guidance for those teaching ICM courses in a virtual format.

ICM Online Learning Expectations: Guidance for participants in ICM virtual courses, whether offered by ICM or an ICM Partner.

Required sessions for ICM Faculty

Haven’t taken the Adult Learning Theory webinar yet?  Click here to register for 2021 sessions.

Check ICM’s Facebook page for information about Faculty Strategies for Virtual Engagement sessions, designed to help you teach effectively in the virtual environment. This session is required before you teach an ICM course virtually.

What is the ICM Licensee Partner program?

The Institute for Court Management (ICM) makes its certification programs available at reduced rates through a Licensee agreement. Licensee Partners select qualified individuals to become certified to teach ICM courses, then administer ICM courses locally, making site (or virtual platform) arrangements and providing course materials from master sets purchased from ICM. Both levels of certification are available: Certified Court Manager (CCM) and Certified Court Executive (CCE).

Why should we become an ICM Licensee Partner?
  • ICM is the most trusted, respected provider of continuing education for court professionals;
  • ICM courses educate and develop leaders in court administration for today's judicial branch and for the future;
  • ICM's courses are based on the National Association for Court Management's (NACM) Core®. A participant manual and faculty guide have been developed for every course;
  • A licensing program is an inexpensive way to offer ICM courses;
  • ICM's courses are preparation for attaining the status of ICM Fellow, the highest level of ICM certification;
  • Association leadership may be interested in becoming an ICM Licensee Partner to be able to offer a new service at a time when many associations are looking for additional "deliverables" to provide to their members.
What is the cost?

The initial investment is the cost of sending your proposed faculty to an ICM course (either offered virtually or in person) See the Faculty & Partner Resources section at the top of this page for more details on the faculty certification process. The tuition cost when a Licensee Partner delivers a class is $200 per person, payable to ICM. There is also a one-time $200 Materials Access Fee per course for the master set of course materials, which the Licensee is granted permission to reproduce for each participant. The Licensee must also purchase additional course resources needed for participants; these vary per course.

How does it work?

After each course offering, Licensee Partners upload documents to ICM with information about participants and faculty, including sign-in sheets (or Zoom reports) and a document certifying that the course was offered following ICM policies. Partners are then invoiced and submit one payment for all participants.

How do we get started?

A great way to explore the benefits of the ICM Licensee Partnership Program is to host a Locally Hosted National Program.  ICM will send national faculty and staff to your location, where your participants will enjoy local and national networking.

  • This is also possible for virtual courses – national faculty will teach a course via Zoom to your audience as well as participants from around the country.
  • Faculty candidates may become certified at virtual courses as well.
Who are the current ICM Licensee Partners?
  • Georgia
  • Guam
  • Hawai’i
  • Michigan Court Administration Association
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • North Dakota
  • Texas Municipal Courts Education Center
  • Texas Association of Court Administration
  • Virginia Clerk of Courts Association
  • Virginia Office of the Executive Secretary

For more information about becoming an ICM Licensee Partner, contact the Director of National Programs at 757-259-1581 or email icm@ncsc.org.

ICM Certification Programs

Click here for more information about the ICM curriculum.

View ICM Certification Model

Bring an ICM course directly to your audience! A partnership course can be as simple as a stand-alone course or as all-encompassing as an entire series of Certified Court Manager (CCM) or Certified Court Executive (CCE) courses.  A growing list of state administrative offices of the courts, trial courts, international groups, and other court-related organizations are partnering with ICM to offer courses and professional development programs that:

  • Reduce travel and tuition costs
  • Receive flexible financial advantages
  • Offer core course requirements for completing the CCM and CCE credentials to future leaders
  • Make available cutting-edge, skills-based management, leadership, and technical education programs taught by highly qualified faculty

For more information, contact the Director of National Programs at 757-259-1581 or via email at icm@ncsc.org.