Effective Criminal Case Management Project

The Effective Criminal Case Management project (ECCM) is a national initiative designed to discover and document effective practices that drive high performance in handling felony and misdemeanor cases in the state courts. ECCM created and implemented a rigorous national data collection effort to assemble the largest case-level data set of felony and misdemeanor cases ever created—1.2 million cases from 136 state courts in 21 states. The results of the extensive data collection, analysis, and policy recommendations that flow from that analysis are published in several reports. These reports, along with tools for court management, a cost-of-delay calculator, and an interactive data dashboard, are accessible here.

Effective Criminal Case Management: Project Overview describes the purpose, design, and products of the project.

Delivering Timely Justice in Criminal Cases: A National Picture provides a visual summary of the study and its findings.

Success in Criminal Caseflow Management: Lessons from the Field describes the elements of effective caseflow management based on close interaction with seven courts that share success in managing problems of delay.

Timely Justice in Criminal Cases: What the Data Tells Us documents the data collection and provides a detailed analysis of the factors most directly shaping criminal case-processing time.

Criminal Case Management Basics: Data Elements, Performance Measures, and Data Presentation Strategies supply a step-by-step guide to collecting, analyzing, and presenting data on key indicators for effective management of criminal cases.

ECCM Site Summaries display visual summaries of the criminal caseload data provided by each site in a set of infographics on felony and misdemeanor case processing useful for cross-court comparison.

ECCM Interactive Dashboard

The Caseflow Management Maturity Model framework describes the critical hallmarks of caseflow management and is a self-assessment instrument for determining the level of adoption and institutionalization of caseflow management principles and practices by a court.

ECCM Cost of Delay Calculator introduction (Word document.)

ECCM Cost of Delay Calculator invites users to compute a simple estimate revealing how quickly and significantly the costs of delay accumulate across the court and its criminal justice partners.

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