Remote Hearings & Services

Hybrid Hearings Improvement Initiative

Up to 20 jurisdictions will be selected to participate in a pilot project to help establish best practices and guidelines for hybrid hearings.

Tiny Chats

Tiny Chats are bite-sized annotated videos that touch on specific access to justice topics and court operations.


Remote Proceeding Toolkit
This toolkit has been developed to help courts consider what the best practices are for remote hearings.
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Inflection Point: Can Courts Use Technology to Spur Transformational Change or Will They Return to the Traditional Way of Doing Business?
This Article situates the use of technology by courts in recent guiding principles disseminated by CCJ/COSCA with examples from across the country of courts using technology well to solve problems. This document also provides a framework for addressing how any process improvements and technology solutions to come out of the pandemic can be evaluated, continued, and strengthened.
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Contracting Digital Services
This white paper is focused on helping courts and court personnel to begin to incorporate the principles and approaches into the contract terms that define their digital infrastructure.
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Remote and Virtual Hearings Technology Considerations
This resource introduces the framework for courtroom technology as well as case studies of courts that support both remote and hybrid hearings.
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Workable considerations when drafting or updating remote-hearing protocols
This resource highlights how different state and local jurisdictions have administratively approached common “operational” considerations when developing or updating rules, administrative orders, or guidance for the remote court setting.
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Trial court record considerations when there is a confrontation objection about remote participation
This resource focuses on the identified state court record-making considerations for confrontation objections in remote proceedings.
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Post remote hearing survey
This survey was developed by Minnesota courts to evaluate their court users’ experiences with remote hearings.
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National scan of remote-first and remote-friendly court rules
This resource collects rule changes to establish a remote-first or remote-friendly approach that provides access and protects the rights of litigants as an information hub for courts that are considering implementing new rules.
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Guiding principles for post-pandemic court technology
This resource can help to guide courts with adopting principles and best practices as they continue to embrace technology.
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