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Pre-Arrest/Pre-Booking Diversion

Pre-arrest and pre-booking diversion or redirection adopts the concept that mental health responses are most appropriate outside the justice system. Individuals can be redirected to wrap-around services, including stabilization units, inpatient care facilities, or temporary housing units. Communities should work to make sure law enforcement has the discretion to use pre-arrest diversion rather than make an arrest. Law enforcement can be incentivized to use these resources through speedy drop-off processes and security procedures.

Learn More About Crisis Stabilization Units

Crisis stabilization units are facilities that seek to stabilize a person and enable community reintegration while offering supportive outpatient services. Stabilization units are less restrictive than a hospital and can serve as great resource for law enforcement to divert people in crisis who exhibit signs of a serious behavioral health issue.

Learn More About Pre-Arrest and Pre-Booking Diversion

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