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Webinar: User testing - If you love your forms, let them go. They will come back better.


In this Forms Camp session, campers will learn about user testing from counselor Alison Spanner of the Illinois Courts. Alison will provide an overview of user testing and how you can use it to improve court forms in your jurisdiction. She will cover:

  • What is user testing?
  • Why is user testing important?
  • How to run user testing (simple to complex)
  • How to engage diverse user testing audiences
  • What should be done with feedback

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Alison Spanner is the director of Access to Justice & Strategic Planning at the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts where she has worked since 2014. She and her team oversee the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice and its flagship programs, which include statewide standardized court forms, Illinois Court Help, Interpreter Certification and Registry and our SRL Appellate Resource Program.