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Webinar: Gender-Inclusive Language for Courts


How can courts be thoughtful in their approach to using gender-inclusive language in their communications, forms, and proceedings?

The legal profession has long valued grammatical precision and celebrates the wordsmithing ability of its field. One way that courts and legal practitioners can be more precise is by using the correct gender of an individual.

Gender inclusivity is not a new concept for the courts; however, it is time to expand that work past the binary. This webinar is an opportunity to learn about gender-inclusive language and how courts can use it in their communications, forms, and proceedings.


  • Andy Wirkus (he/him), Court Management Consultant, National Center for State Courts


  • Chief Justice Steven C. Gonzalez (he/him), Washington Supreme Court
  • August Hieber (they/them), Senior Program Manager, Administrative Office, Illinois Courts
  • Sam Turner (she/her), Staff Attorney, Alaska Court of Appeals

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