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Webinar: Jury Selection in a Post-Pandemic World - A Discussion of Preliminary Survey Findings and Navigating Operational Changes


How have current technology and societal trends impacted jury selection? And what trends can courts, attorneys and judges expect to see in jury selection in the coming months or even years?

Geared for judges and attorneys, this session will explore how the pandemic and race relations have changed jury selection in state courts.

NCSC experts retired Judge Greg Mize and Paula Hannaford- Agor will discuss preliminary findings from the State of the State Courts Survey of Jury Improvement Efforts that compare jury selection practices before and after 2020.

This session promises to deliver valuable insights into how state courts are approaching jury selection and how to better navigate change in the future.

You can also contribute to the conversation by participating in the State of the State Courts Survey of Jury Improvement Efforts, which closes at the end of March.


  • Paula Hannaford-Agor, Director, Center for Jury Studies
  • Retired Judge Greg Mize, Judicial Fellow, Center for Jury Studies

Contact: Paula Hannaford-Agor for more information.

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