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Webinar: Guardianships - They Don’t Have to Last Forever


Guardianships don’t have to last forever.

Hear from Nicolas Clouse who will discuss his journey to restoration of rights after guardianship. Mr. Clouse will be joined by his attorney Justin Schrock, Harris County (Texas) Judge Jerry Simoneaux and Sam Crane, legal director at the Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities, for a discussion about the important roles judges and attorneys play in guardianship terminations and restoration of rights.


  • Angela Cerilli Sager, Senior Court Management Consultant, National Center for State Courts


  • Nicholas Clouse, Lived expert formerly under guardianship
  • Judge Jerry Simoneaux , Jr., Probate Court No. 1, Harris County, Texas
  • Justin Schrock, Senior Attorney, Indiana Disability Rights
  • Sam Crane, Legal Director, Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities, Washington, D.C.

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