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Use these videos to educate the public about common legal topics. Closed captioning is available in multiple languages.

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Legal Advice vs. Legal Information

Ever wondered why court staff can’t tell you what you should do next? This video explains why court staff can provide legal information but cannot provide legal advice. Legal information includes explaining court procedures and legal options. Legal advice involves applying the law to the facts, determining what actions a person should take, and guiding parties to a favorable outcome.

Navigating the Court System Without a Lawyer

Are you navigating the court system without a lawyer? Watch this video for some helpful tips about how to prepare, when to arrive, what to bring, and even what to wear.

Legal Language 101

Do you know what a plaintiff is? What about an affirmative defense? Watch this video, to learn common terms used in many kinds of court proceedings. Examples include defendant, claim, answer, counterclaim, and more.

Understanding Small Claims Court

Are you thinking about filing a small claim? Small claims court is designed to be a straightforward way to resolve disputes involving a small amount of money. This video explains the basics, and explains common terms, such as “default” and “affirmative defense.”

Filing Motions

Do you need to ask the court to act? You may need to file a motion. This video explains what a motion is and common reasons a person may file a motion, such as changing a court date. It also covers how courts respond to a motion via an order.

Civil vs. Criminal

Not sure what kind of case you have? Watch this video to learn the difference between civil and criminal cases. Discover how each type of case is initiated, the burden of proof, and the right to legal representation.

What to Do After Being Served

Have you been served with court papers? Learn what to do next by watching this video. Read all documents, take necessary actions, and meet deadlines to avoid losing your case. Make sure to appear in court or file an answer, and request an accommodation early if you need one.

Understanding Common Procedural Terms

Confused about funny court phrases, like "ex parte communications," "interrogatories," and "post-judgment collection”? Watch this video that breaks down common words and phrases that you may hear in your court case.

The who, what, when, where and how of state courts

Did you know that more than 96% of all court proceedings happen in state courts? Watch this video to learn how the courts help enforce the laws and protects our rights through trial, appellate, and supreme courts.

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