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Implications of Domestic Violence Within the Triage Pathways Approach in Connecticut
This study evaluated the implications of domestic violence within a Triage Pathways Approach in Connecticut. Though preliminary in nature, early indications suggest that the approach assists in identifying risk and violence earlier in the process, and when identified, the court is responding appropriately.
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An Analysis of Case Data from the Massachusetts Trial Court
Massachusetts' Pathways program developed new processes to identify post-decree case needs earlier and manage cases according to Pathways. Preliminary findings suggest that this approach contributes to increased efficiency as well as satisfaction among judges, staff, and parties involved.
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Triage and Case Management Improvements
Miami Dade implemented a Super Streamlined Track and Report to optimize case processing. Early feedback indicates enhanced satisfaction, expedited processing of uncontested cases, and improved case progression due to proactive scheduling.
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One of our greatest leaders in the courts, and the chair of CCJ/COSCA's Family Justice Reform effort, Iowa Chief Justice Mark Cady, addressed a national audience regarding child and family cases in September 2019 saying “We need to be able to say that we did everything that we could when it was our time.” Chief Justice Cady passed away unexpectedly, just two months later. His efforts to support fairness, his dedication to children and families and his leadership within the courts will not be forgotten. In honor of Chief Justice Cady and in honor of children and families, the Cady Family Justice Reform Initiative commits to do what we can in our time.

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